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How Much Does a New Roof Cost in Houston, Texas?

Buying a new roof is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your property. The average cost of a new roof in Houston, Texas can be as low as $300 per square for a new shingle roof or as high as $600 per square. Several factors impact the cost of a new roof, including the type of roof, materials used, and additional upgrades you may choose to add.

The average lifespan of a roof in Houston, Texas, depends on the type of roof you have or invest in. Asphalt shingle roofs typically have a 15-to-30-year lifespan when vented properly and properly maintained.

We’re exploring the cost of a new roof in Houston and the factors that will determine the price you’ll pay for a roof replacement.


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How Much is a New Roof in Houston?


The pricing for a new roof in Houston is usually set by the cost per square. The cost will depend on the material you choose and any additional upgrades. A new shingle roof can range from $300 per square to $600 per square. A square in roofing terms equates to 100 square feet, making the cost $3 to $6 per square foot.

If working within the city, a permit to install a new roof in Houston may be required, which will add to the cost. A residential roofing company will deal with your permit and include the cost as part of your package.


What Factors Influence the Cost of a New Roof?


It’s not just the material that will influence your cost of a new roof in Houston. Often times you will want to check with your homeowner’s insurance before you start looking at the cost of a roof replacement. If there’s storm related damages, then your insurance may be able to cover most of the cost of your new roof, leaving you only to pay your deductible. We recommend having your roof inspected by a qualified roofing professional for storm related damages before filing a claim.

Four main factors impact the cost of a new roof:

  • Repair or replacing the sheathing.
  • Type and brand of shingles.
  • Upgrades, including solar fans for attic ventilatiomn.
  • Complexity of roof structure.



  1. Repair to Roof Sheathing

When your roof is being replaced, repairs may need to be made to the sheathing to bring it up to standard. A local roofing company in Houston will be able to tell you if you need these additional works during an inspection.

The cost of your new roof will be higher if the sheating need to be repaired or replaced. If your sheathing(decking) become warped, your roof will begin to appear waving, in which the water may pool(resulting in a leak).


  1. Type and Brand of Shingle

The cost variance among shingles can be attributed to their composition and quality. Cheaper options may feature thinner profiles and contain more filler materials like limestone, which can accelerate algae growth and contribute to an aged appearance over time. Conversely, premium choices like the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingles are designed with advanced features such as Scotchguard 3M protection. These high-quality shingles incorporate a greater amount of copper in their granules, providing superior resistance to algae growth.


  1. Roofing Upgrades

When installing a new roof, opting for additional upgrades can significantly enhance its longevity, decrease energy expenses, and contribute to eco-friendliness. One crucial upgrade is ensuring adequate ventilation. Without proper ventilation, a roof can trap excessive heat, leading to attic temperatures exceeding 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This trapped heat primarily manifests as convective heat, where warm air accumulates in the attic and radiates down into the living space, resulting in higher radiant heat emanating from the ceiling. This not only compromises comfort but also escalates cooling costs. Therefore, investing in proper ventilation helps mitigate these issues, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment while reducing energy consumption and enhancing the overall sustainability of the property.

Potential upgrades to your new roof include:

  • Adequate Roof Ventilation: Effective attic ventilation requires a combination of intake through soffit vents at the roof’s edge and exhaust via ridge vents, powered fans, or static vent boxes at the peak. This setup facilitates a continuous airflow across the attic, mitigating heat and moisture accumulation, essential for preserving the roof’s condition and enhancing its efficiency.
  • High Profile Ridge Cap:  Enhances roof aesthetics with a pronounced, stylish ridge line and offers additional protection against weather elements, aligning with advanced roofing designs for improved durability.
  • Gutter System: Installing a robust gutter system is essential for diverting water away from the roof and the building’s foundation, preventing water damage and erosion around the property. A properly functioning gutter system also prevents water from backing up behind the drip edge, avoiding the risk of rotting out the roof deck.
  • Impact Resistant Shingles: Choosing impact-resistant shingles can significantly increase the durability of your roof, especially in areas prone to severe weather conditions like hail or strong winds. Such shingles are designed to withstand the impact from debris and reduce the likelihood of damage.


  1. Complexity of Roof Structure

The design of your property’s roof, including its slopes and steepness, will impact the overall cost of a new roof. Larger roofs will be more expensive as they require additional labor and materials.

Steeper roofs cost more as they are more difficult to install, increasing labor costs. Uniquely shaped roofs can require your roofing company to order excess materials, leading to a higher overall cost.

A roof with a steep pitch may be more difficult to access and require your roofing company to take additional safety measures or use specialized equipment. Other roofing elements, including dormers, skylights, and multiple chimneys, may increase the labor and material costs.


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Why the Cost of a New Roof Varies by Region

The cost of a new roof will vary depending on the region you live in. Local building codes, weather conditions, and labor costs can increase or lower the price of a new roof.

The cost of a new roof in Houston is typically more affordable than in other states due to readily available materials, Texas’ building regulations, and an ample workforce. Working with a local roofing company is essential to get an accurate quote for a new roof.

While cost is a significant factor, it’s crucial to find a reputable roofing company that offers the best value, working within your budget to deliver a high-quality roof using quality materials. Local roofing companies consider several factors, including the accessibility and size of your roof, to set the price. Contractors should provide detailed cost estimates after an initial inspection and before commencing work. Additionally, our company offers financing options to help make your new roof more affordable, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on quality due to budget constraints. More information about our financing options can be found at Reliable Roofing & Restoration’s Roof Replacement Financing.


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