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Can I Roof My Own House in Tomball, Texas?

Your roof is one of the most valuable parts of your home. It’s easy to fall for the misconception that replacing or repairing a roof is easy. While you might have some basic repair or construction skills, roofing a house requires specialist skills and safety equipment. If you’ve clicked on this article, the chances are that you’re wondering, “Can I roof my own house in Tomball Texas?”

The short answer is yes, but it’s not advisable. You’ll need to navigate permit applications and deal with any potential liability for your home insurance, which may become invalid if you repair your own roof.

 Roof repair and replacements in Tomball Texas


In Tomball Texas, you’ll need a permit to install a new roof, replace an existing roof, or carry out any major roof repair. A local roofing contractor will always suggest you have a permit before carrying out roofing work.

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What Permits Are Needed to Replace a Roof in Tomball Texas?

Residential and commercial property owners are required to have a permit to replace their roofs in Tomball Texas. You may be charged a fine or face a delay in your repair work if you don’t acquire a permit at the correct time.

Building permits are typically mandatory for any work involving a building’s structural parts, including its roof. The Building Inspection Permit Center is responsible for providing permits. However, navigating the application process can be confusing. Our team will streamline the process by applying for the permit on your behalf.

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Can I repair my own roof in Tomball Texas?


Do You Need a Permit to Replace Roof Shingles?

Some general roof repairs do not require a permit application if they are minor works. However, it’s always best to check before you start work on your roof as fines can be imposed retrospectively.

We recommend consulting a professional roofing company in Tomball Texas, to determine the extent of the work you need to carry out on your roof. It’s possible your project is more extensive than just replacing roof shingles, and that may require a permit.

A licensed contractor will ensure you have the correct permit before starting work to prevent any delays. It may be more affordable to hire a roofing company to carry out the roof repair for you, rather than pay an expensive fine for not having a permit.

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Can I Replace My Own Roof in Tomball Texas?

While it’s possible to replace your own roof in Tomball Texas, it’s considered unsafe to do so. Replacing or repairing a roof is a time-consuming and dangerous process, especially if you don’t have proper safety equipment. There are five key reasons why you should work with a professional roofing company, rather than doing it yourself.

  1. Replacing Your Roof is Dangerous

Working at a height is dangerous, especially on a roof. You might not have the proper skills or safety equipment to keep yourself safe while working on a roof. While roof repairs are dangerous, they’re also easy to make mistakes with. You’re risking the safety of yourself and your property when you decide to repair your own roof.

  1. Problems Can Happen When Working

It’s not uncommon to start working on a roof and realize there’s something hidden underneath. Roof leaks are difficult to spot without a proper inspection. You might think that a project is small, but you might uncover a larger leak or extensive roof damage that needs to be prepared by a professional. Your local professional roofing company in Tomball Texas, will carry out an in-depth inspection of your roof and property before starting work.

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  1. Paperwork for Insurance Claims

Your roof is one of the major factors an insurance company will consider when giving you a quote for your homeowner’s insurance. Most homeowner insurance policies will allow you to file a claim for a roof replacement. However, these companies will expect paperwork from a professional roofing company to process your claim. They won’t pay out if you replace or repair the roof yourself, and doing so may invalidate your insurance.

  1. Delays Can Happen

You must be prepared for the unexpected when replacing or repairing your roof. Most roofing projects require multiple days of work, even with multiple professionals working on-site. You can expect it to take longer to repair and replace your roof yourself than it would take a professional roofer. They’ll have the tools, skills, and experience to carry out your roof repair as efficiently and safely as possible.

  1. Inadequate Safety Protections

When you hire a professional roofing company in Tomball Texas, they’ll have the correct insurance and protection in place in the event of faulty materials, roof failure, or property damage. If you decide to repair your own roof, you won’t have these protections or any type of warranty that a roofing company may offer for their service.


Don’t Forget About Insurance

You’ll want to consider your insurance before you decide to repair or replace your own roof. Most homeowner insurance policies won’t cover damage caused if you carry out work yourself, including in the event of injury. It’s easy to experience a fall or injury when working on a roof, including when carrying shingles or roofing panels. Your medical insurance may not cover injuries in this scenario as they’re not considered “reasonably foreseeable.”

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By comparison, a professional roofing company will have all the necessary insurance and safety equipment to give you added peace of mind. Working with a professional roofing company to replace your roof can lower your home insurance premium and improve the value of your property.

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