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Routine roof maintenance should include an evaluation of the condition of the roofing system. The professional should seal voids in counter-flashings and parapet caps with appropriate materials. The maintenance professional should repair visible membrane defects to ensure that they do not allow water to enter the roofing system. Gutters should be kept clear of leaves and debris. These tasks should be completed on a regular basis to prevent your roof from being damaged.

The best way to decide whether a roof maintenance service is necessary is to ask for an inspection. An objective assessment of the cost and scope of repairs is essential. A qualified roofing company will be happy to provide you with a detailed quote for the work. You should schedule regular appointments with the same professional, so the information about your roof will be organized properly. If you notice damage on the roof, make sure to schedule an inspection. Reliable Roofing & Restoration provides a free inspection for all our roof jobs. 

Local Katy Roof Maintenance

A roof inspection will identify any holes in the roof and the foundation. These may not require complete replacement of the roofing materials, but might simply require a fresh layer of adhesive under the existing shingles. If you are in doubt, get a roofing contractor to inspect your roof to determine the level of need and scope of the project. An inspection also reveals whether there are deeper concerns, such as a lack of ventilation. 

Your Roof Will Be Well Maintained All Year Round

It’s imperative to have regular inspections. These inspections should be done before and after the winter season. You need to have the roof inspected at least twice a year to identify potential weather-related problems and upkeep measures. If you have a problem with your roof, you’ll want a professional to take a look at it before it leads to a bigger problem. Contact Reliable Roofing & Restoration today!

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