Will Replacing My Roof Lower My Home Insurance Premium?

Home insurance premiums are going up, up, and up! They’ve jumped 23% since January 2023. A roof replacement insurance discount is a little-known incentive insurance companies use to reduce claims. One of the best ways of lowering insurance premiums is to invest in a new roof. Roof replacements, whether an emergency or a voluntary investment, are expensive. However, a new roof can give you major savings on your home insurance.


The impact of roof replacement on insurance costs is anywhere between 5% and 35%, depending on your previous premiums. You might also be considering this if you’ve received a letter from your insurer to replace your roof to avoid insurance cancellation.


Older roofs traditionally result in higher premiums. New roof homeowners’ insurance is typically more affordable, with lower premiums for the first ten years. However, factors such as building materials can determine the impact of roof replacement on insurance costs.


We’re exploring steps you can take to get a roof replacement insurance discount with a new roof or by making other improvements.

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Roof Condition and Insurance Premiums

When you get a new home insurance policy, the underwriter will require details about when your roof was last replaced. Most insurers will not offer policies for properties with roofs older than 20 years old. Exploring a roof replacement insurance discount is a win-win. Newer roofs can better protect your property from severe weather and will reduce your home insurance rates.


As roofs get older, they can start to wear and tear, leaving you at risk of expensive damage. Regular inspections and maintenance from your local roofing company can help mitigate the problem. However, common problems like water leaks can result in structural damage and mold growth. Older roofs are also more likely to be at risk of failure in the event of extreme weather.


Insurance companies will consider the age and condition of your roof when setting your premium. They may conduct an inspection using a drone if you’re changing to a new policy or if your roof is considered high-risk. Many insurers will refuse to take on new homeowners with roofs older than 20 years of age. It’s why we recommend replacing roofs at least every 20-25 years.


Factors That Impact Your Home Insurance Premium

Home insurance providers will look at several factors when determining your home insurance premium. While some of these factors are impossible to change, like the location of your home, you can reduce your home insurance rates with a roof replacement.


  1. Age of Your Roof

As a roof ages, its durability reduces, and home insurance costs will rise. It’s typical for most homeowners to see a rise in their insurance premiums after ten years.


  1. Condition

The overall condition of your roof will determine its resilience to extreme weather and ability to protect your home. If your roof is damaged, your home insurance premiums will be higher. Working with a specialist roof repair company can help you address these issues to keep your home insurance valid.


  1. Location

If you live in an area susceptible to extreme weather, you’ll pay more for your home insurance than someone in a state with a lower weather risk. Taking proactive steps, like investing in Class 4 impact-resistant shingles, can get you a roof replacement insurance discount.


  1. Roof Shape

The shape of your roof can impact the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. A hip-style roof will lower your insurance premiums if you live in an area at risk of hurricanes and extreme weather. Historical data shows that properties with a 30-degree angled hip roof withstand hurricane weather best. By comparison, a gable roof may result in higher insurance premiums.


  1. Materials

Some roof materials are more resilient than others. You can lower your insurance premiums with a new roof made of slate, metal, concrete, or asphalt. Wooden roofs are amongst the most expensive to insure as they are the least fire resistant. However, Asphalt shingles are the most prevelant and cost effective material in the Houston Area.


How to Get a Roof Replacement Insurance Discount

The best way to get a roof replacement insurance discount is to replace your roof at least every 20-25 years. Insurance providers will reduce your premiums if your roof is certified as being “impact-resistant”. Reliable Roofing and Restoration is certified to install Class 4 impact-resistant shingles. Installing this product will get you a roof replacement insurance discount with several providers if you live in an area at risk of extreme weather.

A not so common alternative to lowering insurance premiums include a wind mitigation inspection. These inspections can reduce your homeowner’s insurance by hundreds of dollars if you happen to have an insurance provider that offers this discount. The inspector will assess whether your roof meets specific building coding requirements, the condition of your roof, and how your roof attaches to your property.

Impact of Roof Replacement on Insurance Costs


You can make home insurance savings with a new roof by contacting your insurance provider to inform them of the upgrade. You’ll need to provide photographic evidence and additional paperwork, including your roof’s warranty. A professional roof repair and installation company will ensure you have all the relevant information for your insurer to reduce your premiums.

Most homeowners receive a roof replacement insurance discount of 20%. However, the reduction can range anywhere from 5% to 35%, depending on the factors listed above.


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Reduce Your Home Insurance Rates in Houston


Lowering insurance premiums with a new roof is the best way to save money on your insurance and protect your property for the future. Reliable Roofing & Restoration is Houston’s leading provider of premium residential roofing, repairs, and maintenance.

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