What Happens If My Insurance Provider Tells Me to Replace My Roof or Lose My Coverage?

Getting a letter from your home insurance provider is rarely a good sign. It either means your policy is going up in price, or they’re asking you to make improvements to maintain your insurance coverage. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to receive a letter threatening an insurance policy cancellation if they don’t replace their roof.


We’re sharing the reasons why a homeowner’s insurance non-renewal might happen and how you can arrange an emergency roof replacement with Reliable Roofing & Restoration.

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Why Does This Happen?

When you purchase homeowner’s insurance for the first time or change to a different provider, your coverage may be contingent upon an inspection. Today, most inspectors use a drone, giving your insurance provider an aerial view of your property, including the condition of your roof.


If they have concerns, the homeowner will usually receive a letter within two weeks informing them their roof replacement insurance will be canceled if repairs are not made within 21 days.


We typically see customers receive letters from insurers to replace their roofs or lose coverage for older properties. However, this also happens when the roof is between 15 and 20 years old.


What to Do If You Receive a Roof Replacement Insurance Letter


These letters have come in response to an increase in the usage of roof replacement insurance. Some underwriters are updating their guidelines around insurance coverage for roof damage to reduce the risk of claims.

Some states, such as Florida, typically require homeowners to replace their roofs every 15 years, even without damage. Some providers of insurance coverage for roof damage will not insure properties where the roof is older than 15 years.

If you receive one of the letters, don’t panic. You can arrange an emergency roof replacement and work with a local repair company to bring your roof up to standard.


Why Condition Matters for Roof Replacement Insurance

Claims on insurance coverage for roof damage can be expensive for providers. That’s why the condition of your roof is important to insurers when deciding your homeowner’s insurance coverage and its limits. You’ll get better terms, pricing, and coverage when the insurer believes there’s a smaller risk of an insurance claim for roof repair occurring.

While you usually won’t see specific requirements, it’s becoming increasingly common for inspectors to carry out a roof inspection for insurance. These are the factors they’ll be looking for:


  • Resilience and Weather Resistance

Can your roof withstand normal wear and tear? Is it in a satisfactory condition to withstand severe weather events? The insurer will consider common weather conditions in your area.


  • Overall Condition

An insurance policy cancellation may occur when an inspector determines your roof is too old. They may also decide its materials are more likely to be damaged.


  • Compliance

You may need an emergency roof replacement if your property is found to no longer be compliant with local building codes.


  • Likelihood of Damage and Historical Data

Inspectors will look at historical data they have within their organization. This will help determine the likelihood of a homeowner making an insurance claim for roof repair in the future.


If your roof inspection for insurance determines that your roof is in poor condition, you’ll likely be charged a higher premium. In some cases, you may receive an insurance policy cancellation.

The condition of your roof gives inspectors an indication of how likely a future claim is. Roof inspections enable insurers to identify potential issues and allow homeowners to fix them. Working with a local roof repair company in Houston can help you maintain your policy and address any concerns.


How to Prevent Homeowners Insurance Non-Renewal


Losing your roof replacement insurance can be a headache. The best way to prevent an insurance policy cancellation is to understand home insurance roof requirements. There are active steps homeowners can take to maintain their roofs to keep insurance valid. Investing in regular roof repairs can reduce your risk of insurance claims and keep your property secure.

You can maintain the condition of your roof by:

  • Working with a local roof repair company: Repair any minor damage, such as small leaks, as quickly as possible to prevent them from turning into more expensive problems. Your roof repair company should inspect your roof annually or following any severe weather events.
  • Clean Your Gutters: Regularly clean your gutters to prevent water build-up, as this can damage the integrity and structure of your roof.
  • Remove Debris: Don’t allow debris like branches and leaves to accumulate on your roof, as this can lead to moisture collection and potential damage. We also recommend trimming any overhanging branches to prevent damage.
  • Check Flashing: The flashing in the vents, chimneys, and projections of your roof are crucial to preventing leaks.
  • Proper Insulation and Ventilation: Your property’s insulation and ventilation are important to prolonging the lifespan of your roof.


Find a reputable roof repair company in your local area. They’ll inspect your roof and repair any concerns. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent homeowner insurance non-renewals.


What Can Lead to Cancellation of Insurance Coverage for Roof Damage


Why might your roof replacement insurance be canceled? Common problems, such as the age of your roof, water leaks, and existing damage, can lead to your property failing a roof inspection for insurance. These factors suggest to an insurance company that you’re likely to make a claim in the future.

You might receive a letter for an insurance policy cancellation if:

  • Your roof is 20+ years old: most insurance companies may request an inspection if your roof is considered older and less likely to be up to the current building code.
  • Your roof is poorly maintained: home insurance providers believe poorly maintained roofs are an insurance risk as they are more likely to suffer damage. An inspector may also be skeptical if your roof is dirty or visibly unkempt.
  • Unrepaired damage: If an inspector sees unrepaired damage, they are likely to cancel your insurance coverage.


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Arrange an Emergency Roof Replacement or Repair in Houston


You can maintain your insurance coverage for roof damage by investing in regular roof repairs and maintenance. Reliable Roofing & Restoration is Houston’s leading provider of premium residential roofing, repairs, and maintenance.

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